I was born on the 12th of january 1980 in Nijmegen during a cold snowy winter day. I currently live in Rotterdam.


I love badminton. I've been playing it since I was 14. In my student years I was a member of DBV DIOK . Did you know that it takes 4 geese to make one badminton shuttle? And that it is not uncommon to use 2 to 3 shuttles per match?

In contrast to popular belief, badminton is actually a very fast, explosive game. I play it at top-regional / low national level.


In 2006 I started playing theatresports, a competitive form of Improvisational Theater at Pro Deo . This is a lot of fun. Together with other actors you play a scene that hasn't been determined in advance, partially based on input from the audience. They determine for instance the location of the scene, the profession of one of the players, or emotions of the players. We play "matches" regularly, "against" another team. Three impartial judges rate the played scenes on technique, quality and entertainment value.


I am a big fan of the japanese board game Go. It is a very artistic game relying a lot on intuition, where the aim is to capture as much territory as possible. Go is a sharing game and being greedy often results in a loss, so a right balance is required between patience and action. A lack of autonomous thinking (it's easy to respond submissively to the opponent's moves, but this usually costs more than it gives), and a lack of seeing a move in many perspectives (the trick is to look for moves that serve many purposes at once) will also lead to a sure loss. I am about 3 kyu at KGS .