Here you can see some of the work I did. You can also look at some at the stuff I created just for fun .

The Virtual Storyteller

An AI-based story generation system based on the emergent narrative approach: stories emerge based on interaction between autonomous, intelligent agents. A natural language generator and cartoon generator create a story based on the events.

Created: 2006-2010
For: Human Media Interaction,
University of Twente
Using: Java, SWI-Prolog, RDF/OWL
More info: Virtual Storyteller homepage
Watch a video explaining the system.


Software for an online community of chronically ill children. SterreRadio is an interactive radio channel, streaming music that can be listened to if logged in to the online community. Replaced the random song playing mechanism by an intelligent DJ component that selects the next song to be played based on popularity, votes, requests, and previously played songs. It also takes into account who is currently online, to customize the songs it plays to its audience.

Created: 2004
For: Stichting Sterrekind (currently CliniClowns)
Using: ASP .NET, Perl, PHP, Windows Media Server, SMIL, MS Access

The Online Multimedia Archive

In this two-person student project, we created a website driven by a multimedia database. Users can upload multimedia content, such as movies and pictures, and annotate this content with searchable tags.

Created: 2002
Using: PHP, PostgreSQL

Creative Cardgame Composer

In this five-person student project, the challenge was to create a webapplication for playing multi-user card games. The challenge in this project was that users should be able to create and play card games of their own invention. For this, we designed a custom language for users to specify card game rules with.

Created: 2001
Using: Java